A final, hectic push to end the year with the final phase of delivery for our major student charter project with the University of Sunderland and preparation for a new brand narrative programme with the University of Nottingham in January. Alongside this, Michael has continued in his role as Interim Vice-President at CASE, landing a new vision and structure for ‘Membership, Marketing & Communications’ and welcoming new talent to the global team.

Here’s this year’s festive e-greeting from us to you with our new poem which encourages us all to ‘take a moment to pause…’

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

A moment to pause…

It’s come around quick, it’s back again

Happy holidays, friends – and peace to all men

(and women of course, or neutral, non-binary)

It’s good times for ALL – with the usual refinery

For cakes, breads and cheeses enjoyed by the slice

And cocktails and Baileys poured over ice 

Of chocolates and candies, coffees and creams

presents and parties, then fireside dreams


But living in luxury like ladies and lords 

and basking in glory when winning awards  🙂 

Is all well and good when shared on ‘the gram’

But it’s not half as priceless as time with ‘the fam’

Cos if there’s one good thing this pandemic has taught us

It’s to prioritise time with our sons and our daughters 

With our parents and partners, our friends and our lovers

Sharing the kindness with our sisters and brothers  

So too for our clients that we’re honoured to serve

And administer the ‘booster’ for the success you deserve

Thanks too to our colleagues, supporters, suppliers

(Whether left-wing or right-wing or COVID deniers)

We’ve worked hard TOGETHER to deliver again 

And we’ll toast you once more to the chimes of Big Ben

To mark our achievements and the ambitions we share

And send you good wishes for a Happy New Year

Yes, work is important and success is great

But don’t miss the chance before it’s too late

To rest and recharge – take a moment to pause

With warm festive wishes from our familes to yours 

A donation has been made by Brand & Reputation to the remarkable Sir Graham Wylie Foundation which supports children and young people in the region, in lieu of the cost of printing and sending festive cards