MARCH 2022

March marked our 5th Anniversary of Brand & Reputation after our global launch in March 2017.

Since that time, we’ve grown in size, scope, and reach with over 200 projects, a diverse client base of over 60 brilliant brands & complex organisations, and growing turnover and recognition, including 9 award wins.

We’ll be marking our 6th year in business with a new office base in London, further work in the US, Canada, Australia and China, a new-look website (coming soon) and a whole host of new partners, associates, and, of course, client and project successes.

Thanks, once again to all of our staff & partners, and to our clients – but also to all of you who’ve been in our corner to support and champion us and the proven impact we deliver in our work.

This month, we’ve completed our work with Sheffield Children’s NHS Trust and begun an intensive programme of consultation to support Independent Higher Education to reimagine and develop its online brand and website.